Surveying Services

surveying-pageDAS has a longstanding reputation of quality service in the industry with its history dating back to 1994. The Company’s surveying customers include major and independent oil and gas operators and geophysical service companies.

Depending upon the locale and terrain of a proposed survey area, a number of different survey techniques can be used. Traditional surveying methods have largely been usurped by the use of modern, GPS or inertial surveying techniques in recent years. Importantly, relative to smaller competitors that can only offer certain solutions, i.e. GPS surveying, inertial surveying, etc., DAS has the ability to perform all of the industry-standard surveying techniques as listed below.

GPS Surveys – Real-time and post-processed High accuracy GPS solutions utilizing Trimble GPS Survey equipment. GPS surveys are typically a low cost, high production method best suited to canopy free areas.

Inertial Surveys – The newest survey technology available in the industry today. DAS currently utilizes IMUs which deliver real-time sub-meter level accuracies. This technique is ideal for surveys that require minimal impact in environmentally sensitive areas which fall under canopy. Additionally, DAS has developed its own proprietary inertial technology which it believes to be superior to its competitors and creates a significant barrier to entry for new participants due to its proprietary nature and cost of similar systems.

Hazard Access Mapping – Accurately maps and inventories all culture, access and potential safety concerns within a project area. HGIS surveys are typically performed in conjunction with geophysical surveys or on a stand-alone basis.

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