Permitting Services


Permitting plays a crucial role, establishing the foundation for a project’s development. Permitting delays and problems, which lead to surveying and drilling issues, can adversely impact recording crew schedules. DAS’ knowledge and experience in managing the permitting process alleviates these issues, saving our client’s time and money.

Combining full service project management, comprehensive GIS and data management, utilization of quality permit and field support personnel; DAS is able to fully manage each project from initial award thru successful completion of acquisition.

As the foremost provider of seismic permitting services to the geophysical industry, DAS has an available pool of over 150 permit agents. The Company has longstanding relationships with several geophysical service companies and oil and gas operators, providing services throughout the United States.

  • Full Service Project Management — Full management of all aspects of permit operations by experienced supervisors – Direct client reporting system on all aspects of the project – Quality oversight & QC – Permit payment management – Complete permit cost tracking, including 1099 & IRS reporting documents.
  • Comprehensive GIS/Data Management — Final deliverables, mapping with GIS shapefiles and data sets for all aspects of the project, including surface and mineral ownership databases, aerial photography, topo maps, and available utility and infrastructure data.
  • Quality Permit Personnel — Project & data managers receive complete training for their position as well as mineral and surface agents. Surface permit agents interface directly with landowners, explain processes to the landowners completely, and work with them throughout the course of the project.
  • Quality Field Support Personnel — Full support during surveying, drilling, and recording phases, making sure permit stipulations are followed, and addressing problems as the issues arise.
  • Permit Services Provided Throughout the US —Including Private, Regulatory, State, Federal and Municipal – Heavily cultured areas are our expertise.

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