line clearing services

qhsc-pageRecent increases in demand for seismic imaging in more rural and remote regions around the US have allowed DAS to expand their suite of services into the line clearing sector. Efficiencies in all phases of a seismic program are generally tied to successful field accessibility. At DAS, we have a fleet of mulching units ranging in size from 100 hp for smaller paths to 260 hp for some of our larger jobs. Each unit requires a two-man crew, has a corresponding support vehicle with fuel cell, tolls and compressor. As well, each unit has a state of the art Top-Con navigation system that allows for precise deployment prior to or after survey operations commence.

In addition to the mechanical units, we also deploy hand cutting crews that are certified in the use of chain saws and other hand held power devices for all environments in the US. These man-supported crews supplement the mulching units when needed and can be utilized in most areas around the country.

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