Geophysical Drilling Services

drilling-pageDAS benefits from an expanded fleet of equipment, including 30 plus buggy style rigs, 18 man-portable rigs, 10 tracked “mountain goat” rigs, and multiple forestry mulchers for line clearance. This diverse asset base provides unique capabilities and an ability to operate throughout the United States in any environment.

The Company fabricates and maintains its rigs to stringent industry specifications. DAS’ state-of-the-art cutting and welding stations, hydraulic hose machines, gas tank and powder box welding, drill stem extrusions and all the other peripheral parts allow its dedicated team to expand its research and development, resulting in rugged and dependable rigs that Management believes are superior to those of its competition.

Geotechnical Drilling Services

drilling-pageAt DAS, the ability to perform successful geotechnical drilling to determine subsurface conditions is backed by over 100 years of combined management and field level industry experience. Geotechnical testing procedures require that measures be taken to ensure that information is accurately obtained for engineering and design. We are able to employ our extensive knowledge of the local geology along the Gulf Coast which allows us to confidently use the correct drilling techniques in precisely collecting data without distorting the results or the environment. Our fleet of drills can be configured with the proper tools needed to acquire the correct type of sample for any geology we encounter.

DAS can also provide state of the art in house start-to-finish staking as well as GIS integration with all of our on-site drilling and sampling no matter where the project is located.
We will always provide the right equipment needed in order to access and to minimize impact of the investigation site. The wide variety of equipment on hand allows us to provide support to the drilling operation that will increase the efficiency of most projects.

From fields or mountains, backyards or forests, parking lots or residential structures to large commercial facilities, DAS delivers total quality drilling performance – on time and on budget.

Services include:

  • drilling methodologies for all geological settings and formations
  • solid stem and hollow stem auger drilling
  • downhole hammer and casing advancement drilling
  • core sampling
  • surface casing setting
  • spt sampling and autohammer
  • shelby tube sampling
  • dynamic cone testing
  • monitoring well installation
  • inclinometer / piezometer supply and installation
  • rough terrain / limited access drilling

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