Safety Job Description

The Safety group has one basic job position; HSE Advisor. Below are the individual duties and responsibilities for this position.

Title: HSE Advisor ————— Reports To: HSE Manager

  • Ensure compliance of company policies/procedures by all employees
  • Ensure operations are conducted to a high standard which meets or exceeds client requirements
  • Performs audits on trucks/equipment daily
  • Ensures all Field personnel are in compliance as far as PPE, proper procedures, etc.
  • Performs Procedure checklists
  • Monitors condition/maintenance of company owned assets
  • Ensures all crew personnel will be working in a safe-working environment
  • Journey Management
  • Ensures audits on equipment is performed on time and turned in to proper persons
  • Cross audits drills/surveyors
  • Completes all necessary paperwork
  • Keeps track of all field personnel at work
  • Incident investigation
  • Various Office Duties
  • Various Reports
  • Travels to each job checking HSE compliance
  • Inform HSE Crew Supervisor/HSE Manager of each department of concerns
  • Active participation in all safety/tailgate meetings


  • Field Personnel
  • DOT Drivers