About Us

About DASDiscovery Acquisition Services provides front-end seismic services in the United States and was created thru the combination of multiple companies creating a group capable of providing a full suite of permitting, surveying and seismic drilling to the industry. Each of the companies involved in the combination has established a strong brand and reputation over their collective 42 years of operating history through consistent delivery of high quality service and equipment.

Our Philosophy

Management believes that DAS, thru its various front end services and its longstanding relationships with geophysical service companies and oil and gas operators, will be well positioned to provide our customers with a consistent set of product and services uniquely created and combined so as to minimize delays, provide specific efficiencies and create value for our customers. All the while, maintaining a safe work environment for our employees.

Our History

1994 – STI Ltd., DAS’ surveying entity, was founded by Scott Lyons and Andy Lauhoff.

2000 – Frontline Geoservices, Ltd., DAS’ permitting entity, was founded by Scott Lyons and Andy Lauhoff.

2006 – Exploration Services Corp., DAS’ drilling entity, was founded in 2006. The Company was formed from a combination of Seal Seismic Services and the assets of Turner Drilling Company, which were acquired in 2006.

2012 – Members of DAS collectively decided on a path to consolidation of the respective entities to form Discovery Acquisition Services.